Fashion Island

Fashion Island mall in California dates back to 1967. Since then, the center has been frequently renovated and extended with new facilities and retail businesses. One can easily compare it to a Mediterranean historic center, with piazzas of various sizes, fountains, shops of all kinds, cinemas and restaurants.

To furnish and illuminate Fashion Island we chose ‘Light 600’ lanterns, the lamp posts of the Kuma system and the wall brackets of the Tabit system. The lamp posts don’t just furnish the central shopping streets but also the borders of the ample parking lots, these too considered to play an important part in the perception of quality of the location. Inside Fashion Island you can find a sequence of piazzas, streets and dwelling points that make strolling in this little town designed on a human scale very pleasant. Often the various buildings are connected through roofed galleries lit with the Tyl system’s ceiling brackets. The galleries lead to the square with the fountain known as ‘Fountain Iris’. Or you can reach the large square and heart of Fashion Island, where a gazebo has been installed, a privileged dwelling point that adds value to the location. Litter bins furnish the squares and streets along the entire shopping route. Finally, an elegant kiosk extends the space of the ‘Cucina’ restaurant to the exterior.