Fenice Albenga

Albenga is an Italian ‘comune’ in the province of Savona, Liguria. It is also called ‘città delle cento torri’ (city of a hundred towers), because of the numerous towers situated in its emblematic old town centre. Today these building are present in many symbols and signs of Albenga’s institutions and associations.

Refitting kit

Albenga has been lit for several decades by 297 lanterns made by a company called Tagliafico. For those antique pieces Neri has designed, tested in its laboratories and built a specific LED kit, able to achieve higher luminous efficiency and significant energy savings.
All the replaced lamps are high pressure sodium of different power (150, 100 and 70W). The kit has been designed to be inserted straight into the lanterns by just removing the cap and without moving the luminaire itself.

Lanterns without screens

Some lanterns had their screen removed, others substituted. In some cases the glass side panels have been removed straight after the installation of the refitting kit.

Lanterns with screens

In some cases the transparent glass panels of the original lanterns have been replaced with satin PMMA in order to obtain a different lighting result.

Lanterns on posts

Those three-lights lamp posts illuminating some of the squares in the city had their screens replaced and LEDs installed too.

Lanterns on pastorals

In some roads there were two lights lamp posts, a big lantern was lighting the street and the small one the pavement.
Bespoke LED kits had to be designed for the two lanterns to fit the different sizes.

Posts with globes

There is a three-lights post version, also produced by Tagliafico, that used to light roads, especially along the seaside. Neri has kept the post and replaced the brackets, in order to make efficient even this kind of system. The three luminaries (equipped with 125W mercury vapour lamps) have been replaces with one (Light 21) mounting a 100W SAP lamp.