Fenice Bitonto

Bitonto, important city in Puglia (Southern Italy), is nicknamed the ‘city of olives’, due to the numerous olive groves surrounding the city and due to the production of olive oil, well known since the XIII century. In the city centre there are many churches, and the Romanesque Bitonto Cathedral.

Fenice project

In the 1980s Bitonto was entirely lit using various Neri products (brackets of the Maia system and posts of the Sheliak system), all with spherically shaped lighting fixtures. At that time, this type of luminaire was widely used for public lighting.
A few decades later, while retaining the cast iron brackets and posts, the spheres have been replaced with ‘Light 804’, achieving excellent lighting results. The glare generated by the spheres has been replaced by a better distributed, more efficient and more comfortable light.
One can particularly appreciate the amazing final effect by looking at the lampposts with several lights. The white sphere were fitted with high pressure sodium lamps, while ‘Light 804’ are equipped with metal halogen lamps, the difference is very apparent.
The intervention also entailed the maintenance of posts, that have actually been repainted. In this way Bitonto has preserved and enhanced its lighting heritage, that after almost three decades looks like new, in both aesthetic and technological terms.

Alcor system

In Porta Baresana and Piazza Marconi the old lamppost have been substituted by the cast iron ones part of the Alcor system, with its smooth and contemporary shape.