Fenice Lunigiana

The Lunigiana is an historical territory of Italy, which today falls within the provinces of La Spezia and Massa Carrara. Its borders derive from the ancient Roman settlement. It covers an area from the Apennines to the Magra river, belonging in part to Tuscany and in part to Liguria.


800 ‘Light 104’ produced by Neri SpA have been installed by Enel Sole in the Lunigiana villages (Tuscany). The villages involved are: Casciana, Codiponte, Corlaga, Gabbiana, Iera, Lusana, Lusignana, Panicale, Ripola, Serravalle, Treschietto, Uglianca, Varano and Vico.


The old lighting fixtures have been substituted with the new ‘Light 104’, now illuminating as well as embellishing those picturesque mountain villages.