Fenice Monopoli

Monopoli is a town in the province of Bari, in the Puglia region, 43 km South-East of the region’s capital city. Its characterful medieval centre overlooks the sea and is surrounded by high walls. Monopoly is also known as the city of a hundred ‘contrade‘, districts whose names evoke disappeared old houses, the presence of a farm, a church or other historical and geographical references.

In the 80s, Monopoli was entirely lit with small iron lanterns. In recent years, with innovation technology, laws on light pollution and energy saving, the lighting result was not satisfactory.

Light 804

All the lanterns have been replaced with ‘Light 804’, to ensure a better lighting outcome and energy savings, night and day.

City moon

Along the walls of ‘Lungomare Santa Maria’, lanterns (Light 804) have been integrated with LEDs placed along the pavement to create an illuminated line.

Light 150

The medieval arch that introduces to the ‘Lungomare Santa Maria’has been lit with ‘Light 150’ to enhance its shape.


At the entrance to the town of Monopoli, a recent roundabout has been lit and furnished using the ‘Avior’ system.


Urban furniture wise, Monopoly has chosen the benches from the ‘Nyssa’ series to complete the refurbishment project.