Fenice Rapallo

Just a short distance from Genoa, right from half of the 19th Century Rapallo has been an international tourist destination. This due to its gulf, mild weather and rich surrounding vegetation. Right from then, the town grew with big hotels and villas which remain a dominant feature of the area up to date.

The entire town recently underwent an energy upgrade that covered the entire historical centre. Its lanterns remained while the old suspended lighting bodies were replaced with Light Nova.

Light Nova perfectly blends with the vegetation and together they border the road taking to the sea.

In the urban centre, Light Nova furnishes the main square, a sort of terrace on the sea, which features an original masonry gazebo at its centre.

In the streets away from the historical centre, on the wide avenues, Nova was installed catenary suspended at the centre of the road aesthetically harmonising different contexts using a single model.

Along the seafront, the old lanterns were left and made efficient using the new refitting kit obtaining considerable uniformity and beauty.

The urban centre road that takes to the gulf features two significant and different places at its ends; the canal that conveys River Entella to the sea on the one hand and the renaissance castle on the other.

Just like the entire Italian Riviera, streets of the historical centre are narrow and parallel to the sea.

Walking along the streets you can get a glimpse of the Basilica and its bell-tower in a wonderful game of lights.

Alleys often cross small squares embellished by various architectures including the two-colour stone typical of the Italian Riviera.