Fenice Sanremo

Located in a cove sheltered by the mountains, this city is renowned for its mild climate, which also makes it a destination for summer and winter holidays, and for health related sojourns. Its famous flower farms have earned it the name of City of the Flowers.

For several decades now, the narrow cobblestone streets in the historical centre have been lit with square lanterns made by the company Tagliafico. In most cases, they are fitted with high pressure sodium bulbs, but many still have their mercury bulbs.

Neri has created a specially designed LED kit – as it has been done for the city of Albenga – that was installed inside the existing lanterns. The objective of the regeneration project, which we have named Fenice (Phoenix), was to achieve significant energy savings and reduce the light pollution caused by the elimination of the central lamp and lateral reflective glass panels.

The LED kit was also installed on the square iron lanterns mounted on the corners of some of the historical buildings.

The Fenice project also encompassed the suspended lamps hanging above the centre of the streets, which were replaced with the new Nova model lamp by Neri.


Piazza Muccioli was the site of a new installation with posts from the Sheliak series mounted with ‘Light 804’ lanterns.


Tabit and Alcor lamps were installed at Villa Nobel and on the grounds of the Cappuccini Church.


In the 1920s, the street lighting in Sanremo was very interesting. A simple hexagonal steel tube with a cast iron base shaped like a palm: a clear symbol of the beautiful vegetation that the city is famous for.

Neri has restored the surviving lamp posts and has made reproductions of others installed downtown in Corso Matteotti. The historic lamp posts have been restored in two different ways: in the parks sphere luminaires have been installed, while on the main street, Studio De Ferrari has designed a particular ornament for the top of the lamp posts.