Francavilla Fontana

Francavilla Fontana is an important agricultural, craft and industrial centre in the region of Apulia, in Southern Italy. Francavilla was probably originally established as an actual city at the beginning of the Fourteenth century by Philip I, Prince of Taranto. It is nicknamed the ‘City of the Imperiali Family’ – in honour of the Imperiali princes who governed the city uninterruptedly for about two centuries bringing the feud to the peak of its power, thus becoming one of the greatest cultural and industrial centres in the area.

Between the 1980s and 1990s, various city lighting operations were carried out. While they were characterised by a shared reference to the Nineteenth century cast iron posts, they do not give the project the right uniform character, due to the evident differences between products, in terms of both aesthetics and quality, since they were always supplied by different companies. In a modern process to upgrade the various luminaires installed in the past and in very precarious conditions, all have now been replaced with Neri ‘Light 804’ LED luminaires. In addition to the lighting result and energy savings, the city finally has a uniform design image. Follow us on a tour of the beautiful city in Apulia, to appreciate the beauty and – especially at night – the atmosphere.Piazza Umberto I – a central location in the current urban setting – was the old ‘Foggiaro’, the place where the fogge – large buried silos containing food – were kept. To light the piazza, four large Neri lamp posts were installed, with ‘Light 22’ luminaires replicating, as shown by the photographs from that time, the historical lighting elements from the beginning of the Twentieth century, which lasted until the 1960s. Finally the most recent operations adopted the Maia system – for both lamp posts and wall brackets – with ‘Light 804’ and ‘Light 22’.