Gateway, Mumbai

The Gateway of India overlooks the port of Mumbai and the Arabian Sea, and is one of India’s most unique landmarks. The monument was erected in 1924 to commemorate King George V and Queen Mary’s visit to Bombay. The gateway has since been used as a symbolic entrance to India for viceroys and new governors of Bombay. On 28 February 1948, it was also used for the ceremonial departure of the last British troops from India marking the end of British rule.

The square is still lit by the original lamp posts. The large columns are formed from cast iron with two arms holding two lanterns. Neri was involved in the recent gateway project to replace the lanterns, which are now destroyed, with Light 21 luminaires. Instead of being mounted upwards like the previous ones, these new lighting units are suspended.

The back drop of the Gateway lamp posts, it is not only the huge arch, but also the most famous hotels in Mumbai.

The large square in front of the arch is one of the most regularly frequented spaces, both during the day and in the evening. People come here to meet with friends, stroll and take photographs.