Genzano, a short distance away from Rome, is located on the brow of the crater of the volcanic lake of Nemi. Genzano is famous for its flower festival, which so splendidly decorates the steps leading to the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Cima.

Neri illuminated Genzano in the 1990s, creating a lamp post with a circular base, specially designed by the planner and decorated with the coat-of-arms of the city.

Engie Servizi is responsible for the management and upgrading of the entire illumination plant and chose Neri to substitute the previous lighting fixtures with ‘Light Nova’. The city has effectively changed face. The new LED lights enhance significant areas such as the piazza with its marble column, a symbol of the city that recalls the Colonna family, lords of the territory in historic times.

The central square is at the centre of a number of roads that converge here, all illuminated by the same swan-neck lamps.