Half Penny Bridge, Dublin

The Half Penny Bridge is one of the most photographed places in Dublin for its elegance and the lovely reflections on the water in the evenings. The bridge was built in 1816 after a series of protests for the bad conditions of ferries that transported goods and people across the river. Officially called Liffey Bridge, it almost immediately acquired the nickname Half Penny because of the toll required to cross it.

Aesthetically, the steel and cast iron bridge has a curved shape that rises towards the centre of the structure to then descend towards the other bank. It has always had three elegant lamps supported by curved metallic structures. Today, the lanterns are white, which was the original colour of the entire metal structure, and the model used is the ‘Light 801’ by Neri. Follow us through an evening tour with the best photographers, who have all captured the light of the Half Penny Bridge.