Lang, Misano Adriatico

Though Misano Adriatico is counted among the major seaside resorts of the Romagna Riviera, it also extends towards the hills, which offer abundant green spaces and an important nature reserve on the Conca river. Its development took place in the postwar period, with the construction of the tourist harbor of Portoverde (1963) and the Misano World Circuit (ex-Circuito Internazionale Santamonica), built in 1972.

In 2004-2011, with the consultancy of the architect Paolo Portoghesi, the urban décor along the seafront, the backbone of the town’s summer life, was renewed. The project attracted much attention. It consisted of mosaics and fountains echoing the theme of the sea with its colors, waves, mermaids, oysters with pearls, sea urchins and octopi. Starting from this promenade, Hera Luce has implemented an energy renewal project, replacing the previous lighting bodies with 700 Lang.

The Lang has been customized with a blade perforated with the shape of the municipal coat-of-arms: a tower and a handshake symbolizing the harmony created by the different zones which decided to unite beneath a single tower, that of the municipality. A symbolic message, intended also for the many tourists who are welcomed and hosted in this territory.

The entire urban area has been involved in this renewal, which was not limited to the tourist hotel zone near the sea, but also extended to the internal residential streets.