Light 102, Florence

For SILFI in Florence, which has been managing the electricity of the Tuscan city for 50 years, Neri designed ‘Light 102’. This is an evolution of the traditional ‘piattello’ used between the two World Wars to provide light in many Italian towns. It was made of an enamel coated plate (hence the name) and an incandescent light bulb. Also in Florence, the various city streets climbing the hills were outfitted with this type of system until just a few years ago.

For the lighting updating programme for the hill areas in the direction of Piazzale Michelangelo and San Miniato in Monte, SILFI explored the opportunity to use new luminaires: first of all, they experimented with simple street lighting, but these turned out to be unsuitable for the location and the level of continuity with the historical centre. This is what initiated the collaboration with Neri that resulted in the new ‘piattello’ lamp with its lenses and a new technologically innovative luminaire.