Light Alya, Campagna

In Campagna in the Salerno province stands the San Martino convent, built in the XVI century by the Capuchin friars in an optimum position for sunshine, for healthy air and for the view that can still be enjoyed today.

The convent has just been saved from total abandonment and partial destruction by a restoration that mayor Mr. Roberto Monaco greatly desired.

From an architectural point of view, the complex, which imposingly dominates the entire hillside, is unique, characterised by a spectacular perimeter wall, unusual in Capuchin architecture. The restoration brings out the natural materials, giving the whole structure, partly thanks to appropriate lighting, a strong sense of spirituality.

In such an important and beautiful architectural and landscape setting, Alya, with its modern and harmonious design, was chosen for the outdoor lighting, integrating perfectly with both the materials and the natural environment.

On the centuries-old walls, the Alya wall bracket was applied, thereby completing the lighting of the entire complex in a coordinated way.