Light Nova suspended version, Milan

Nova, the luminaire created by Neri for A2A for the renovation of Milan’s lighting system with LED lights, offers a number of possible installations, that is a key factor in a city with many different needs. A previous presentation was dedicated to the installations of Nova in the most important parts of the city, whilst this one shows different examples of installations under colonnades and in its catenary version over the streets.

Nova under the colonnades

Milan has many colonnades: they are often very high and monumental and sometimes lower, in buildings from the 1950s/1960s. Nova proved himself to be a product that is suitable for any situation, with an high lighting efficiency and with a minimalistic design.

Nova at the centre of the street

The installation of Nova above the centre of the street is frequent as well. This solution is used not only in Milan, but also in many Italian and European cities, because the streets are too wide and it wouldn’t be possible to install posts, since they would hinder cars and pedestrians.