Locorotondo overlooks the top of one of the hills above Valle d’Itria, in Apulia. Harmoniously round – as the name itself suggests – Locorotondo owes its name to the shape of the first settlement, which was established sometime around the year 1000. The first huts of this farming village were, in fact, built on a fitted ‘plateau’, right next to one another, with a circular plan, almost in an attempt to protect the land they had managed to squeeze out of the surrounding oak forests, to make it arable and fertile. Locorotondo is one of the largest tourist centres in Valle d’Itria, and is part of the Terra dei Trulli. Since June 2001, it has been part of the Italian Association called “I borghi più belli d’Italia” (the most beautiful villages in Italy), and since 2010 it has been a part of the ‘Bandiera Arancione’ Association of the Italian Touring Club – chosen among the 10 most beautiful towns in Southern Italy. Walking through the narrow alleys of the old town, among perfectly maintained white homes, with colourful flowers on their balconies and against the deep blue sky, is a truly unique experience.

Neri is proud to have brought light to this enchanting place, and to have contributed to its magical atmosphere with ‘Light 804’. At night time, the light of the luminaires reflects on the white of the homes and the cobbled streets. The blue of the sky turns increasingly black, creating different atmospheres as the night goes on… all the way ‘til dawn.