Marketplace, Delft

Halfway between The Hague and Rotterdam, Delft is an important Dutch city that rose up in the 12th century along the recently-built Delf canal. Famous for its tapestry and pottery, its centre has an enormous market square named Markt. Overlooking it are Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and Stadhuis (City Hall), which face each other.

Four large bespoke lamp posts from the 1900 series with three linear (4032) brackets and ‘Light 700’ lanterns were chosen to illuminate the square.

Nieuwe Kerk is the city’s most important artistic and religious building. Erected in 1381, members of the Dutch royal family were buried in this Gothic building.

The current Stadhuis was rebuilt in 1620 following a fire and retains its original appearance. The lower side of the façade that looks onto the square is dominated by the old fortified tower, the only remaining part of the town hall.

The entire perimeter of the square is characterized by stunning historical buildings that make this urban space truly magical.