Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima is one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Romagna Riviera. As well as for its sea, it is celebrated for the very long pine grove.

Its lighting was installed in the 1980s when glass spheres were at the forefront of fashion. The long tree-lined avenues were illuminated with lamp posts bearing one or two lights.

A few months ago, the look of Milano Marittima changed radically. Substituting the spheres, Hera Luce implemented a highly impactful project, using Lang, the new Neri post top luminaire that last year won the German Design Award.

In the old, historical streets of Cervia, the steel posts supporting a single sphere have been maintained, substituting the luminaire with Lang.

A much more radical renewal was carried on in the centre of Milano Marittima, around the 1 Maggio roundabout, the heart of the shopping area. The lighting technology performance of Lang meant that it could be mounted on new lamp posts seven meters high, resulting in efficient and pleasing illumination of an area intended for pedestrians.

The most extensive renovation took place in the two long parallel avenues that traverse the entire town of Milano Marittima, linking it to Cervia in one direction and to Lido di Savio in the other. Here, too, Lang was mounted on seven-meter-high posts, replacing the posts with twin-light swan neck heads.

The presence of the great pine trees along the entire route did not prevent the achievement of optimal illumination. Lang ensured homogeneously distributed and user-friendly light.

The quality of the project is evident. It was not, as so often happens, a simple substitution of lighting fixtures dominated by energy saving. In the case of Milano Marittima, Hera Luce has modified the geometry, altering both the distances and the heights of the old system. The choice of Lang, with its aesthetic qualities, has conferred an added value upon a project of which Milano Marittima may feel justly proud.