Neri in France

Neri actively cooperates with designers and municipalities in order to offer alternative and personalised solutions to the multiple problems involved in lighting the furnishing French cities. The following is a presentation of various case histories in order to illustrate proposed and possible solutions, as well as their variety.

The products designed by Neri are the result of internal research and of international collaboration with designers. We have chosen many projects from around the world, including France.

Custom products

Specific design requirements have led Neri to create products especially for the French market, often combining the creation of poles outside the catalogue with high performance engineered light fittings from standard production.

Fenice project – Restoring original lamps

Many cities in France, over the past decades, have installed lantern-style lighting. More than 30 years after their installation, it is necessary to intervene both in mechanical terms and, above all, in terms of new lighting engineering prospects. Neri studies the original French lanterns proposed by municipalities, in order to insert specific kits containing LEDs. Laboratory studies enable the essential assessments to guarantee the product over time, assess the suitability of the kit inside the lanterns – built in the past - and to issue specific certifications.

Grasse – Fenice project – Restoring original lamps

For decades, in the city of Grasse two kinds of lanterns were present:
- A square iron lantern
- A hexagonal iron lantern
For both types, Neri has designed and created a LED kit that is easy to install in the existing lanterns.

Fenice project – Replacing old lanterns

In many cases, instead of ‘updating’ the old light fittings, municipalities prefer to replace them with newer, more recently designed fittings. The Neri lantern is therefore often installed on existing poles, with a classic spiral swan neck.


In France, Neri has also designed kiosks for news stands, information points or for entrances to public parking facilities. In addition, Neri has also created gazebos and structures for urban spaces as well as private villas.


In France there are many original cast-iron lamps that continue to be used, but require restoration work. Neri has a lot of experience in refurbishing these important products and in renovating them both mechanically and in terms of lighting engineering. In France, Neri has restored the lamp posts of the Louvre in Paris, as well as the lanterns in Place Masséna in Nice.


Where it is no longer possible to renovate lamp posts, Neri is capable of constructing perfect replicas of the original, creating the designs and models necessary for reproduction. This is what happened in Nice for Place Masséna.