Nocera Umbra

On the night of 26 September 1997, a strong earthquake recorded as being between 8th and 9th on the Mercalli scale hit central Italy. The next morning, a second shock (degree 9th) completed the destruction of many towns in Umbria, including Assisi. In Nocera Umbra, 85% of the buildings were so severely damaged that they were no longer safe.

After the devastating earthquake, reconstruction efforts were rather complex and lasted almost 20 years, because the choice made by the local governments and citizens, was not to delocalise, but to recover as much as possible of the private, religious and cultural urban heritage that was damaged by the earthquake and restore it to its function. Therefore, this project was much more than just a regeneration of old buildings, an entire historical centre was rebuilt in compliance with the strictest safety and quality standards.

The reconstruction cost about 500 million euro with 649 heavy reconstruction projects, 489 integrated reconstruction projects and 220 light reconstruction projects for a total of 1358 private projects, which can be added to the 230 projects for public works, infrastructure, cultural assets and rural infrastructure. Now, Nocera Umbra has been restored to its ancient splendour.

Neri contributed to this extraordinary restoration process by providing street furniture and lighting throughout the entire city, with different types of brackets, arms and luminaires that integrate with the different urban contexts. For the main streets of Nocera Umbra, a bracket from the Maia system with ‘Light 801’ was chosen.

In the square in front of the Duomo, ‘Light 801’ was mounted on a Heka post.

For the narrow streets of the historical centre, however, a smaller type of bracket and lantern were chosen: ‘Light 85’.

Lighting for the lovely portico near the ancient walls that leads to the Duomo and the splendid 19th century lavoir is provided by ‘Light 150’ from the Tyl system.

Lastly, the road that rises from the valley to the highest point of the town is lit with the Heka system with ‘Light 21’.

Neri SpA is proud to have contributed to restoring this magnificent place filled with history and culture. In this way, Nocera Umbra has regained its status as an important centre, with its many stores and artisan workshops, the reopening of which represents a fundamental starting point for a comprehensive city-wide revitalisation.