Piazza Trento e Trieste, Ferrara

Ferrara is an interesting example of a complex and intricate urban lighting project. It involves the illumination of the city centre where action was taken through a wide variety of activities, each different to the next, to radically improve the technical lighting results, while at the same time recapturing the city’s lighting history and heritage.

Piazza Trento e Trieste, the central square next to the cathedral, has been lit using bespoke 1900 columns with ‘Light 23’.


Following the sudden fall of one of the historic cast-iron lamp posts located in front of the Chamber of Commerce, facing Este Castle, all four of these have now been restored.


The historic lanterns mounted on the portico of the Teatro Comunale theatre.


The original lamp posts mounted on the stretch of road that has linked the Castle to the Cathedral since the early 1900s have been restored and reproduced. This involved an interesting, innovative refurbishment with the use of ‘Light 23’ luminaires.


Still concentrating on the heart of the city centre, the original lanterns installed under the Matteotti gallery in the 30s have also been restored.


In the streets within the historic centre of Ferrara, some original cast-iron brackets are still in existence, rusty and often missing luminaires. Neri has restored 82 of these, fitted with ‘Light 22’ lamps, achieving a perfect technical lighting result.

Neri has provided different solutions for specific requirements, drawing on the history of illumination in the city. A factor that Neri has always considered it important to safeguard, offering its own professionalism and culture to create custom products that enhance the different solutions in use at the time.