The Bridgeport Village Mall is located in Portland metropolitan area, in Northern Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, the most populated region of the state.

The Bridgeport Village Mall rises in a former quarry that began to be reclaimed at the end of 1999 and was filled up, in order to use it as a commercial area. The project, that was assigned to the P+R Architects studio, was awarded in 2006 with the Gold Nugget Grand Award for Outstanding Retail Project.

Neri street furniture characterizes the project and enliven the central square and the streets. At the heart of the project is the wide square with the gazebo and seven commercial kiosks.

The furniture also includes: Litter bins from the Layia and Idesia series Benches and signage from the Layia series Customized signage and bicycle racks Wall brackets with 'Light 600' from the Nashira system.