Punta della Dogana, Venice

Punta della Dogana or Punta della Salute is an area of Venice. It is a thin triangular tip dividing Canal Grande and Canale della Giudecca, overlooking the San Marco Basin. The area is home to three important architectural complexes: the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, the Patriarchal Seminary and the Dogana da Mar complex, which is where the area gets its name.

The Seventeenth century building, by Benoni, has a triangular floor plan, made up of 8 spans developing over two floors, and it is crowned by a tower holding up the Palla d’Oro, a gilded bronze sphere supported by two atlases, portraying the world supporting the so-called ‘Occasio’ statue. This statue represents Fortuna and it turns to indicate the direction or the wind and, symbolically, the changeability of fortune itself. At the time of the Republic of Venice the complex was used as the customs headquarters for cargo and goods subject to naval trade.

Lamp post Restoration

Positioned right on the tip of Punta della Dogana for more than 150 years, there is a great post made by Hasselquis of Venice between 1851 and 1859, presumably the only one of its kind. Its function was that of a lighthouse: 6 metres and 50 centimetres high, with a 180 cm lamp, it is clearly visible in the misty lagoon. The post, which weighs 1650 Kg, was restored at Neri’s laboratory and equipped with a steel core to reinforce the structure and its resistance. The lamp, weighing 85 Kg, is an element of rare elegance that manages to give a feeling of lightness in spite of its unusual dimensions. We searched for the best lighting solution. We opted for a 70 W, 3000 °K central light. Power was limited so as to prevent glare, together with a 150 W lamp with lens, located in the upper cap.

The day of its assembly finally arrived, and the post has returned to its original position after many years. The result is outstanding, and much appreciated by citizens and, naturally, tourists, as a perfect place for a photograph against the backdrop of Palazzo Ducale of the San Giorgio Island.