Reggio Emilia Restoration, Teatro Valli

The Municipal Theatre of Reggio Emilia is located on one of the most significant town squares. The theatre building was constructed between 1852 and 1857, with a neoclassical façade on two stories. Allegorical statues can be found on the trabeation. On 29 April 1961, Luciano Pavarotti made his début at this theatre, playing the role of Rodolfo in ‘La bohème’.

On the back and on the sides of the building are eight large cast iron wall brackets, each with a hexagonal lantern. The wall brackets were in very precarious condition: some were broken and other were previously recovered with brass welding. Neri restored the wall brackets that could be salvage and made duplicates of those that were broken and no longer usable.

To make duplicates of the broken wall brackets, the best-preserved bracket, once perfectly restored, was used as a model for the new castings.

Finally, the wall brackets were carefully stuccoed and painted with two protective base coats followed by a finishing coat in Neri Grey.