Reproduction Lucca

Lucca, in Tuscany, is one of the most important cities of Italy. Thanks to the walls that surround it, the historical centre of the city has remained practically intact and unaltered in its original appearance. Therefore, a wide variety of buildings of architectural merit can still be viewed, such as the great number of medieval churches of immense architectural richness, the towers, steeples and monumental Reinassance palaces of excellent stylistic design.


Among the most famous places of Lucca are the Medieval Walls. These city walls dating from the 15th-16th century, define the perimeter of 4,223 metres surrounding the historic core of the city. This circle was transformed in the late 19th century into a delightful pedestrian promenade, and is still one of the best preserved in Europe, in that it was never used in past centuries for defensive purposes. The walls have been entirely preserved and still to this day completely encompass the city.


This visual part of the city has been lit since the 19th century using cast iron lamp posts and light units that are no longer to be found. The City of Lucca asked Neri to reconstruct the models and reproduce the lamp posts to reinstate the historical lighting system, adequately lighting an area fequented by the citizens.


The new lamp posts were moulded again and they now light and furnish the walkway along the Walls, as they did in the past.