Restoration Venice fish market

This is the way the lanterns look today in the old Venice fish market, a magical and charming place, after being restored by Neri.

The Venice fish market was built in the early twentieth century a short distance from the Rialto Bridge. Right from the start it was lit with large iron lanterns placed under the vaults and on the external façade facing the Grand Canal.

Restoration of the 10 original lanterns that have illuminated the fish market for a century was entrusted to Neri SpA. The lanterns were cleaned, removing the oxidation that had formed over the course of a century. The cleaned surfaces of the metal then revealed problems with welds, detached parts and deformation of the decorations.

New decorations were welded to the old frame to recompose the original form. Before being painted, the lanterns were carefully puttied. Painting was accomplished by immersion in order to have complete protection of all surfaces, even the most hidden. The spray finish returned the lanterns to their original condition: black in colour.

The lanterns were also fitted with a LED plate and have gone back to lighting the Venice fish market.