Restoration Verona

Verona is one of the most important cities of art in Italy. Its roman ‘Arena’ is renowned all over the world and it is one of the best preserved. Verona is well-known for the Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Neri was chosen to preserve the historical cast iron lamp posts of Verona that at the beginning of the twentieth century were realised to light and decorate the old town centre, from ‘Piazza Erbe’ and ‘Piazza Bra’ up to the bridge of Castelvecchio sull’Adige. Each historical site is characterised by a specific lamp post version. For example, ‘Piazza Bra’, near the ‘Arena’, was illuminated with a four-lights post, a lighting solution found in other cities of the north of Italy, such as Milan.


All the lamp posts of ‘Piazza Bra’ have been removed and taken to Neri’s laboratories to be restored. Surfaces have been cleaned from the many traces of rust and paint, and then painted again to highlight the decorations; breakages have been repaired; all the elements have been thrown to allow a perfect montage and avoid water infiltrations into the column; the iron parts of the pastorals, consumed by the rust, have been reconstructed to save their original cast iron decorations.


In ‘Piazza Bra’ the lamp posts with double pastorals, that along the ‘liston’ alternate with the first version posts, have also been restored.


The most refined lamp posts in Verona are those of ‘Piazza delle Erbe’, for centuries the place where the market was held. They are four-lights lamp posts with very harmonious animal shaped brackets.


On the banks of the ‘Adige’, the river that runs through the city, there is a cast iron post with a lantern, specifically designed for Verona. This is a simple and harmonious post that Neri has reproduced identical to the original one, together with its lantern.


In the wider avenues and in some squares, high lamp posts with pastoral and cast iron base are still present. Neri has restored the cast iron bases and replaced the steel posts and pastoral above which the luminaire called ‘Light 23’ has been mounted.


‘Light 23’ has also been mounted above other iron posts, to replace luminaires no longer efficient, obtaining an aesthetic result, luminous efficiency and the elimination of any form of light pollution.