Saiph was designed by Alfredo Farnè. The system has a two-part aluminum base with specific slots designed to hold decorative lighting modules available in green, yellow or blue. The top is formed by two parallel arms angled downwards. The Saiph lighting system is completed by the Idesia street furniture collection.

Saiph can be used in various situations with interesting high quality aesthetic results:
• Extra-urban roads with vehicle traffic
• Streets with vehicle traffic located inside city limits
• Some designers used Saiph successfully to furnish and light city squares
• Parks
• Car parks
• Roundabouts
• Harbours and seaside roads

When necessary, the luminaires have been positioned at different heights to provide the best light for both road and pavement. Saiph can be sold with or without the lit base. The colour can vary from Neri grey to RAL 9006. The number of arms can be increased to three.