San Nicola Arcella

San Nicola Arcella is a small coastal village with cliffs, caves, promontories and juts of land at sea in the Gulf of Policastro in Calabria. The Historic Centre, perched 100 metres above sea level, forms a unique landscape, a Belvedere, a ‘naturally fortified’ lookout point.

The recent lighting design that has transformed it has been described to us by the architect, Giampiero Lepreti. It was he himself who described it to us, accompanying us in the historic centre and at the magnificent belvedere.

The project has extended the belvedere area, levelled it out and decorated the spaces, transforming the lookout point into a panoramic space with potential for events. With Tabit system posts, ‘Light 804’ lanterns, railings and litter bins, a complete intervention was carried out on one of the most beautiful
locations in the Mediterranean.

The realisation

Until a few months ago, the streets in the historic centre were lit with lanterns that used sodium-vapour lamps (glaring and very yellow) or mercury-vapour lamps.

Now, with the LED ‘Light 804’ lanterns and brackets from the Maia system, the entire town has become a genuine social space for a pleasant walk or nice company. The Heka system with ‘Light 21’ was chosen for the park. ‘Light Nova’ has been mounted on large Maia posts on the roundabout before the historic centre.