Sassoferrato and Corinaldo


Sassoferrato is an inland town in Marche (Central Italy), which has marvellously retained a very fascinating, historical medieval quarter.

The public lighting design, created by Neri, covered the entire town, using various solutions according to the places lit. The narrow lanes of the historical quarter are lit using Maia system wall-mounted units with with ‘Light 804’ lantern.

These narrow lanes are often linked via arches, vaults, and little courtyards, which add fascination and a very intimate, close-knit architectural dimension.

In the central piazza, the garden with its ancient gateway is lit using Heka system lamp posts and ‘Light 804’ lanterns.

The ancient gateway just described opens onto the large central piazza with the town’s public buildings on it. The large size of the piazza and the height of the buildings led to us opting for a design solution that uses ‘Light 34’ units, installed below the gutters. This produced excellent lighting results, as well as avoiding obstructing traffic in the piazza with lamp posts and supports.


In the hills of the Marche is Corinaldo too. Its medieval walls are recognized as the most fortified and long of the Marche and among the best preserved of all the Central Italy. During the 17th century, monumental civil and religious buildings were erected within the walls, which have been perfectly preserved and are still visible today.

Neri SpA lit and furnished this architectural jewel with ‘Light 804’ lanterns and Fortimo lamps.

In the Corinaldo project, the urban furnishing plays an important role in decoration of the historical quarter with benches, bins and bollards.