Siena Restoration

Siena is Italy’s best preserved medieval city, for both its architecture and its traditions, and has been the scene of one of the largest and most important restoration projects ever managed by Neri.

During the second World War, iron lanterns in a medieval style were installed in Siena to light up the its streets. Now, after nearly 60 years, these fixtures are considered part of the architectural landscape and have taken on a significant role in the city. However, in terms of efficiency, the old lanterns were considered not adequate and a radical change became necessary.

The municipality decided to renovate the entire city-wide system to improve lighting and obtain substantial energy savings. Working in collaboration with Enel Sole, with maximum philological correctness, an object that cannot be defined as ‘historical and artistic’, but that was found to be of high quality for the material used and its proven resistance over time has been saved.


A total of 1230 lanterns were restored in Siena, one of the world’s most beautiful historical areas. Neri is proud to have helped make this magical place even more charming by day, and especially at night.

From a mechanical point of view, the lanterns were all restored at the Neri factories. All the hopelessly compromised parts were replaced.

The lanterns were updated electrically with:
- class II isolation
- an isolator switch for safety
- foldable electronic wiring 60/45W to obtain substantial energy savings
- a plate for electrical equipment, specially designed to be mounted on the upper part of the lantern

The passage from 125 W mercury lamps to latest generation Philips CPO-TW 60W (2800K) light sources has produced a 65% reduction of electrical power consumption with a simultaneous increase in light on the ground. The photometric results obtained in the laboratory have been certified with the IMQ Performance mark. Light pollution (upward emissions) was reduced to 25.70% ULOR.

These technical changes have also brought about significant aesthetic improvements. The light source and reactor, no longer visible from the outside, are now housed in the upper part, hidden by the frosted diffusers.

Piazza del campo

The heart of the city could not be left out. Piazza del Campo is lit by 12 large cylindrical wrought iron lanterns. The lanterns have now been restored and technologically updated, like similar fixtures in other squares of the city.

A frosted cylinder was designed to house the optical block and conceal it from view. Therefore, the lantern’s appearance was not modified, but lighting efficiency was definitely improved.

The lanterns restoration work in Siena ended in 2015 with the loggia at Palazzo dei Priori. These lanterns were specially created for the arcade inside the building, a lovely place of great historical value with a deep connection to the Palio.

In particular, the unique lantern on the inside of the Cortile del Podestà was restored. This single lantern was made in wrought iron and decorated with human and mythological figures. It has now been electrically updated and equipped with LEDs.