Spello and Assisi


Spello is a perfectly preserved Italian medieval town. Built near Assisi, it is associated with Saint Francis, who lived in this area, which is still captivating and beautiful.

Urban lighting had been provided for decades by ‘piattello’ luminaires with central light bulbs without any type of protection mounted on different types of iron brackets. The streets were poorly lit, and the light was not distributed evenly.

For the lighting engineering project for Spello and on specific request from the town administration and the designers, Neri devised a solution that used the aesthetic model of the original piattello, but that improved the lighting and economic results by using LED sources. This is how a variant of ‘Light 100’ came about. The glass cup and the lamp inside were replaced by a LED source and a flat glass.

The result is appreciated by night and by day, because it is perfectly integrated into the look of the marvellous narrow streets, which have been enhanced by this carefully designed street furniture and quality lighting.

A lamp post mounted version has also been built, using the same bracket that is installed in small squares, in particular Porta Venere, the roman door built by the Emperor Caesar Augustus.


Not far from Spello lies Assisi, well known as the city where Saint Francis was born, spent his lifetime and died.

Neri has provided lighting in the streets that go from Santa Maria degli Angeli up to the medieval city with the systems Heka and Nashira with ‘Light 23’.