Station Park, Farmington

Station park in Farmington (Utah) is a top-notch mall that has recently been completed.


Neri took part in the project by supplying lighting and street furniture products. The Castore system with ‘Light 600’ illuminates all the streets of the shopping centre.

Following the designers request, the Castore system posts were fitted with a double bracket on which flower pots were hung. This delightfully rich decoration enhances the entire urban fabric and has been fitted with an automatic watering system that simplifies daily maintenance, so important in a mall, having to look well kept every single day. Via the post and its arms a continuous irrigation system transforms the lamp post into a water distributor.

At night the atmosphere is quite lovely with the street lights and illuminated fountains of the central square.

The quality of the buildings, services, shops and the restrictions on traffic make Station park a meeting point and a delightful urban space. Neri’s street lights with the design and the quality of the materials used enhance the atmosphere and maximize comfort.

lighting - wall brackets

For the illumination of the entrances of the mall buildings the designers chose a different bracket each time, creating a variety of solutions that enliven and enhance the streets within the center.

street furniture - bins

Street furniture is an important component of the project. The broad sidewalks and the squares are in continuous use by mall visitors who need litter bins, Layia series bins in fact, which are continuously serviced, giving the center a pleasing well kept look.

steet furniture - bollard

Layia bollards were used for directing traffic and defining no-go areas for cars.

street furniture - clock

A Layia series clock has been placed in the central square.

street furniture - benches

The entire area of the mall has been equipped with dozens of benches to allow visitors to rest and to make this urban space as comfortable as possible.

street furniture - cycle racks

People often cycle to the mall, which is why Neri was requested to create a special bicycle rack, with the rack itself somewhat higher compared to the standard Neri system and corresponding more to the American model.

street furniture - bus sheltere and kiosk

Finally a Scylla series bus shelter and a small kiosk at the entrance of the mall facilitate valet parking for many visitors to the center.