The Pearl, Doha

The Pearl in Doha (Qatar) is an artificial island with an areaof four million square meters. It is the first land in Qatar that foreigners have the right to buy and own. In January 2015, it was home to 12,000 residents, but in the spring of 2012 only 5,000 people lived there. Once completed, the Pearl will create over 32 kilometres of new coastline, and the residential population is expected to grow to about 45,000 in 2018. The Pearl will be a group of 13 artificial islands and it will be called the Arabian Riviera. These areas will be filled with luxury apartments, town houses, three marinas, 5-star hotels, schools and services for the community plus two million square meters of international stores, restaurants, coffee shops and establishments for entertainment and leisure.

Street lighting

The streets of Pearl are lit with Neri lamp posts. In the lush gardens along the streets, Castore system posts have been used with ‘Light 602’ luminaires.

Larger streets lighting

The larger streets are lit by the Nashira system and its tall posts with equipped with ‘Light 23’ luminaires.

Private houses lighting

In addition to the public streets, Neri has also been chosen to light private properties. The project involved customisations like gold painting integrated with the house colour Neri grey.


Lastly, Neri installed a kiosk with seafaring colours overlooking the marina.