The Village and The Park, Irvine

The Village and The Park in Irvine are two examples of urban excellence. They are located not far from Los Angeles. Two large residential blocks, 3/4 storey buildings, with wide sidewalks lined with tall palm trees, leafy flowerbeds and underground parking that limits the presence of cars. The Park, in addition to the residential buildings, has a large green, a proper ‘piazza’: a place of gathering, ideal for sports events, open-air games and entertainment.

The big square with kiosk and gazebo

At the edges of the large green square, on elevated ground, stand a large bar kiosk and a gazebo that further enhance the entire area.

Squares and streets

Litter bins, benches, signs indicating the house numbers, notice boards with advertising posters and bollards coordinate the coherent image of the entire project.

Along the wide avenues, the lighting project has adopted the Kuma system with double ‘Light 600’ luminaires.

The base of the Kuma posts was used also for the signage holding the panels periodically announcing
the various events. The confirmation of an accurate and aesthetically coherent design.