The Village, Meridian

We are pleased to take you on a visit to The Village at Meridian in Idaho, to a recently created commercial center where Neri has worked closely with the designers and the client to illuminate and equip a top-quality location.

Entrance and illumination

At the entrance a large gate leads onto the main street of the commercial center. An important place for welcoming visitors.

The twin row of lampposts on the street is Castore series with a ‘Light 600’ lantern.

A second entrance is again lit with the tall Castore series swan neck lampposts and small posts with a single light.

The square

In the central square where the fountain is the main attraction, the Castore lampposts have 4 lights.

The streets

Along the streets inside the commercial center the Castore lampposts have a single ‘Light 600’ lantern.

Wall brackets

The main entrances of the offices and other buildings were differentiated using different brackets each time.

Street furniture

In such an extensive project, street furniture is an important component. There is a variety of products with very different functions, each having decorative and functional roles very important for the quality of the commercial center. This is the case with the Layia series bins.

At the request of the designers Neri has created a series of cast-iron posts for the support of hanging lights, located at various points in the commercial center. These cast iron posts are similar to the Castore posts and help to create a coordinated and harmonious environment.