Treppo Carnico, Ovaro

During the call for funding entitled ‘Promotion and energy efficiency for Municipalities’ – under the Regional Operative Program for the European Fund for Regional Development 2007/2013 – POR FESR for the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region – many projects received financing to renew public lighting throughout the region. In this presentation, we would like to illustrate the projects for Ovaro and Treppo Carnico – both carried out with ‘Light Nova’.

The Municipality of Ovaro is in the Alpine region of Carnia, in Friuli, and is located in a sunny dip between the Col Gentile and Arvenis mountain ranges. 

In the area called Liariis, Neri carried out an important operation with ‘Light Nova’, which was requested with paintwork in the Neri Grey colour.

Not far from Ovaro, in Treppo Carnico, with Light Nova we carried out an interesting Phoenix Project, replacing the 300 spheres installed in 1990 on the Maia system posts. 

The town’s lighting system has therefore been completely renovated, maintaining what was carried out years before, while upgrading to the most advanced technology and design.