Via Cesare Battisti, Cesena

According to the design by architect Marco Casamonti, Neri realized a lamp post with a strong personality. It is a very original lamp post, with a sinuous shape and decreasing diameters. It has been designed for Cesare Battisti street, one of the main street of the city of Cesena, thought without architectonical values, with a very modest buildings from the postwar period.


On the contrary the lamp post designed by Casamonti has a great esthetical value, specifically studied, which gives to the re-qualification project of the street a good balance and definitely an interesting result.

The lighting fixture projected by Neri for the Casamonti lamp post is ‘Light 37’, equiped with an inner tilting optic able to address the light flux, provided by Metal Halide lamps Mastercity White, in 150W.

We travel along this street many times throughout the day, in the daytime, the evening or at night, and in different seasons, with the sun and with the snow. The post will always accompany us with its sinuous shape.

In Svezia, David Svensson has chosen the pole designed by Casamonti for a permanent show entitled: Sammansråla / Shine Together at Gustav Adolfs torg in Helsingborg. Affirmed Svensson: In the work I’ve collected nine lamp posts from different eras and parts of the world and gathered them around one of the existing lamp posts at the square. The lamp posts can be seen as representatives for different periods, places and cultures. Some of them have travelled from far away places like China, USA, Mexico, Italy and Spain. Whilst others are older and local. Now they converge at the square and create a new fellowship.